Fie Isolde

The Danish-born jewelry designer, Fie Isolde spent most of her career building accessories businesses from the ground and scaling them, with a particular focus on fine jewelry and lifestyle brands in the United States. Fie brings an impressive background in Trend & Design from Copenhagen, turning her passion for gold, diamonds and precious stones into her own line of high-end, handcrafted pieces.

Fie Isolde founded her eponymous brand in 2018. Now, her expertise in design and keen eye for handcrafted jewelry position her to become a major contender among contemporary and luxury jewelry designers. Summed up, Fie Isolde is fine jewelry with Scandinavian grace and Los Angeles sophistication, honoring the refined.

Handmade in LA.

It’s all about balance

Juxtaposing raw with refined, melding colors, sophistication and spontaneity, and unafraid to cast bold gemstones to liquid gold, Danish-born jewelry designer, Fie Isolde pushes the boundaries of traditional fine jewelry, shaping her own unique path between the raw nature of Californian hillsides, Scandinavian simplicity, and old Hollywood glamour.

Fie Isolde jewelry is honest, raw and refined.

Based in Los Angeles, and inspired by the Californian landscapes, Scandinavian heritage and vintage Hollywood glamour, the entire conception, development and production of the handcrafted fine jewelry pieces take place locally, supported by the most talented artisans. Each piece is made of solid gold with and without diamonds and/or precious stones, bringing her distinctive designs with a sophisticated, soulful vibe to the modern woman and man.

“My aesthetic is about mixology and materiality, pairing contemporary and ancient, raw and refined, masculine and feminine. Each collection is a unique exploration and experimentation that leads to a constant evolution.”

- Fie Isolde

Fie Isolde’s characteristic designs are inspired by her Danish family heritage and Scandinavian raw and yet beautiful nature - long coastlines, deep forests, meadows, mountains and river valleys. The clean, delicate Scandinavian lines with organic shapes and colorful stones provide an effortless, honest look.

Living in California for many years has also had an impact on her work, thus she also seeks inspiration from the stark ocean landscape in California. The simplified and refined representations of this region express a deep personal response to the vast plains and open skies of the desert particularly to the dramatic landscape configurations of nearby canyons and sea terrain.

It’s jewelry that lends itself to reminiscing. It feels travelled, lived in and handed down, at once intimate and captivating expressing the sophisticated soulful vibe, liquid gold and vintage Hollywood glamour.

“I love when things aren’t perfect. Things created by nature are often imperfect, but look all the more beautiful because of it. The raw and freeform surface in my pieces is inspired by the ocean. I wanted to create the waves in the gold - and illusion of liquid gold, a golden wave, captured in its movement”.

- Fie Isolde

Inspired by the raw nature, one-of-a-kind perfection and old Hollywood glamour.