Fie Isolde Jewelry juxtaposes raw with refined, melding colors, sophistication and spontaneity, and is unafraid to cast bold gemstones to liquid gold. We push the boundaries of traditional fine jewelry, shaping a unique path between the raw nature of Californian hillsides, Scandinavian simplicity, and old Hollywood glamour. We love to design customized pieces because we believe jewelry is a very personal thing and has a sentimental value to many people. You might have an heirloom piece that needs a modern touch or you want to create the piece that embodies your legacy.

Our brand operates under the belief there is only one you. That you were born complete as you are. Your perfection came at birth. Our pieces are no different. That’s why we take a high-quality, handcrafted approach to my fine jewelry. No one piece is the same as the other. At Fie Isolde, our daring and versatile designs embody Scandinavian roots and LA’s signature style, for a blend of nostalgia and timeless inspiration. Each collection plays with solid gold silhouettes and precious stones in a way that feels refreshing, yet familiar.

Original. Distinct. Raw.

You’re perfect. Your Jewelry should be too.

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