Fie Isolde


"Designing unique fine jewelry pieces for any person to wear holds an indescribable significance for me.

Losing my own mother when I was only 25 years old has left a void in my heart that persists every single day. My father entrusted her cherished pieces to my sisters and me, and they represent the most valuable and meaningful physical mementos of her presence in my life. These were the adornments she wore daily, lovingly given to her by my father.

Whenever I hold and wear her jewelry, I can feel the essence of her soul, her love for me and my sisters and the love she shared with my dad. This deep connection has been a driving force behind the establishment of Fie Isolde, my venture dedicated to crafting precious and distinctive heirlooms. These are pieces of jewelry that you will treasure and hold dear throughout your life. Imagining a future where we have aged gracefully, we will gaze upon these cherished items and be reminded of the life and love we have experienced. Eventually, we will pass down these uniquely handcrafted pieces of jewelry to our own children, perpetuating the legacy of memories.

To me, jewelry embodies much more than mere material possessions; it encapsulates genuine emotions and irreplaceable memories. My precious pieces embodies the souls who, each day, weave everlasting memories in the tapestry of life."



The Danish-born jewelry designer, Fie Isolde spent most of her career building accessories businesses from the ground and scaling them, with a particular focus on fine jewelry and lifestyle brands in the United States. Fie brings an impressive background in Trend & Design from Copenhagen, turning her passion for gold, diamonds and precious stones into her own line of high-end, handcrafted pieces.

Fie Isolde founded her eponymous brand in 2019. Now, her expertise in jewelry design and keen eye for curating aesthetic lifestyle products is making Fie Isolde a major contender among contemporary and luxury jewelry design and art.

Summed up, Fie Isolde is fine jewelry with Scandinavian grace and Los Angeles sophistication, honoring the refined.

Perfection Is One-Of-A-Kind

Fie is wearing pieces from the BOA collection.